Friday, 15 July 2016

CellNutrition Quinton review!!

Are you one of the vast majority of people that complains about wanting thicker hair, better skin and stronger nails? If so, then I've got the answer you've been looking for!! The solution to these problems and so much more lies within an amazing product called CellNutrition Quiton. The magic liquid which is 100% natural and organic is contained in little glass vials that work with your cells to improve all of the above and a long list of other amazing uses that you won't believe! Quinton is harvested from a specific area of the ocean and has a carefully chosen pure, filtered spring water added to it. With no tampering other than cold micro-filtration, the liquid contains an incredible 78 minerals which is astonishing when you take into consideration that the human body can obtain extremely few through other methods of food or supplements etc. Through an extensive amount of research over hundreds of years it's been proven that our cells need to be fed nearly all of these 78 minerals to fully work to its optimum. Can you see just how amazing this stuff is, with all that being said?!

If you follow me on snap chat you'll have seen me taking my vials twice a day for the past while so this will help give you a better understanding of just what exactly this product is. I'll also explain what the advantages are from taking it and how it will assist a healthier lifestyle. I've been taking Quinton for about 6-8 weeks now and I can hand on heart say I've seen some massive improvements with my health and well being. First thing in the morning and last thing at night, I've been religiously taking my vials and I'm thrilled with the personal results I've been seeing. It's become part of my daily routine to swish around my mouth for 30 seconds, a Quinton Hypertonic vial early in the morning along with a Quinton Isotonic vial just before bedtime. In doing this, I can feel that it's been making a difference to my well being in the most wonderful ways. 

The past couple of months I've been on a personal journey to improve my health radically, both physically and mentally. Over these last few weeks that I've been taking CellNutrition Quinton I can feel positive changes occurring all of the time. Apart from my hair, skin and nails all improving, I've had a crazy turn around from an energy point of view. Before hand, I could barely get through the morning without feeling the need to lie down from extreme tiredness. I would come home from work and at around 6 or 7pm and get straight into bed with the sheer exhaustion. Nothing I seemed to be doing was helping, including the 8-9 hours sleep a night that I was getting. I knew it was time to explore another option. One that would help me start to feel normal again. After a short time I could see noticeable changes in my mood and energy levels so I've continued to take the product without and any hesitation.

Quinton has actually been around a for very long time and has been taken by people all around the world for decades so I could hardly believe that I'd never heard of this astonishing product up until two months ago. Most definitely a best kept secret, well up till now that is!! How exciting, that here in Ireland, we can finally get our hands on Quinton after all this time. CellNutrition Quinton is available to purchase online at and in Healthfood Stores and Pharmacies nationwide, it retails at €40 per box of thirty. Treat your body for once, it's precious. Gift it with the vital minerals it requires to ensure both your mind and body feel utterly amazing. You won't regret it, I can promise you that! 

Ashley X 

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