Friday, 28 October 2016

My Dental Clinic

Our smile. It's something we all strive to achieve perfection with and of course the majority of us all need a little help off the dentist from time to time. Whether it's a crooked tooth or some staining (yes I'm talking about you coffee and red wine lovers), the dentist always has a solution to fix the problem. My boyfriend Chris had more than one little problem that needed fixing and the wonderful dentists at MyDental clinic where absolutely amazing in helping. 

Putting off a visit was something that had to be nipped in the bud so he went to have a much dreaded consultation with one of the dentists at MyDental clinic who advised him on what treatment was needed, assuring him that he had nothing to worry about in the hands of the MyDental staff. Initially Chris was sure that he was going to lose one of his front teeth (see pic above) but My Dental were able to work their magic and salvage it.

There where numerous treatments needed to be carried out on Chris's teeth including fillings, root canals and extractions. All of which he really wasn't looking forward to but then again who would be looking forward to saying goodbye to four wisdom teeth?However, after his first visit with MyDental clinic his attitude totally changed. He found himself counting down the days until his next appointment, knowing full well that he was in good hands. Any previous worries he harvested had subsided. So far he has had several fillings and of course a good clean scale and polish and is awaiting to start the bigger treatment including his root canals and extractions very soon.

After one or two visits I too could already see a huge difference in not only Chris's smile but also in his confidence which had been knocked considerably due to the health of his teeth. Before hand it would be a rarity to find a photo of Chris smiling but now you can't stop him from showing off his pearly whites everywhere he goes. If it's just minor work like a clean and polish you're needing or maybe something a little more drastic, you can rest assured that MyDental clinic has got you covered. I myself, have my treatments carried out here and always leave their clinic a very happy lady!!

It's imperative that you prioritise your dental health so if you've got any worries about your smile be sure to give my dental a call. 

Ashley x


  1. That story was exactly what I needed to show my partner. If you let these things go too long, even if a front tooth might appear to be lost, a dentist can work their magic if you get in there soon. We decided to make payment arrangements and get the work done and the tooth was saved just in time.

  2. A few months ago, my significant other recommended that it was about time to visit a dentist. My teeth were decaying quickly but she knew of a great dentist in the area that could really bring my smile back to life. It really changed my life, you have no idea what type of difference a great smile can make in your confidence.