Friday, 23 October 2015

Easilocks Review!!

Longer hair, fuller lashes, bigger boobs! Us gals are never happy are we? Always wanting to tweak our appearance so we can look the very best version of ourselves at all times. Whether it's fabulous long hair you are after or delicious thick locks, there really is no better place to go other than the easilocks salon store street!! I had the absolute pleasure of having my extensions applied by the amazing stylist Fiona Killion in the pristine salon located in the heart of Dublin city. The minute I walked through the door I was welcomed with huge smiles and excellent service from all of the girls, who looked after me so well. 

The amazing thing about easilocks is that the method for applying them involves absolutely no heat or glue, so as you can imagine the application is very quick and easy with no mess involved. The hair they use is fantastic quality and is also 100% natural human hair, meaning you can style the hair exactly how you want with whatever tools you chose. As a result of no harmful agents being used on your hair to have the extensions applied they cause virtually no damage to your own hair, which at the end of the day is always such a huge concern when having extensions applied. 

I had just a little under a full head applied and even with 130 strands of hair added to my own, I can honestly say they feel so comfortable!! I still have the luxury of being able to style my hair up as the beads are so tiny and well hidden they are almost invisible! As you can see my hair matches completely with the hair that was applied which can be extremely tricky, especially when you are a blond. I had every faith in the girls to work their magic and chose the correct shades of blonde that would create a natural looking flow between the extensions and my own hair. I haven't been able to stop running my fingers through the silky strands that fall down my back!! The silkiness and shine they give really doesn't compare to any other extensions. 

The easilocks store sells absolutely amazing products to keep your main in tip top condition, ranging from their rose gold oil, shampoos and their special extension brush which is designed to glide through the hair helping to detangle. Your hair is definitely something you should look after in life and I know you'll all agree with me on that one! So with that being said, if it's quality hair that you are after that will really give you your dollars worth then you need to book into the easilocks store street salon for your free consultation, where the girls will talk you through how many strands you'll need and what colours to use that will work best for the look the look you are trying to achieve. 

When you book into the store be sure to mention my name to the girls so you can avail of two after care products absolutely free to help keep your extensions in perfect condition!!! 

Ashley x 

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