Sunday, 20 September 2015

Don't worry, Be happy!!

Feeling anxious is a feeling that is not uncommon amongst us all, but for some anxiety can take on a whole new meaning of just feeling a little worried every now and again. Imagine a heavy pressure that constantly weighs down on you, a feeling of numbness that consumes your mind without you being able to control what is happening. A shallow shortness of breath along with overwhelming worry and confusion. A literal sense of feeling sick and tired day in, day out. You could compare it to a form of mental torture and that would be putting it lightly. 

The symptoms I've described above are ones of which I suffer from on close to a daily basis. I bet you wouldn't have guessed that, but here's the thing, how would you have? Of course, we are not all mind readers so it's hard to ever really know what's going on inside another persons head. I lack motivation in every aspect of my life and too often wish away a day before it has even begun. I'm self conscious and insecure like a lot of other woman but I don't always like to show it. I know it's easy to be presumptuous especially with the likes of social media these days but just remember the way you perceive somebody may not always be who that person is.

Anxiety is not something that is physical so we tend to overlook it as being an actual disorder when in fact that's  exactly what it is. In recent times I believe the stigma that surrounds mental illness has shifted in a hugely positive way. So many people speak openly about their experience and understanding of it but we can't overlook the ones who don't!! "You're just being dramatic" some may say as a dismissal of what YOU are feeling but never ever let such a small minded person make you feel like what you are going through isn't real or isn't important. 

I've learned that it's okay to talk and it's certainly okay to cry. Surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you and that will most importantly be there when you need comfort the most, whether it's lending an ear or a shoulder.  By having a strong support system like this around you, you will undoubtably feel your darker days seem light. You are who associate yourself with so if that is someone who is negative or dismissive then I really don't need to tell you twice what you need to do. 

I'm still finding myself getting to grips on controlling my breathing and learning how to de-stress in a way that works for me. I think taking up a hobby that relaxes you is a great way to distract your mind and help you unwind. I know for me I love to draw and swear by the book 'The Secret' when I need something positive to turn to. It's very hard to strive for great things when all you can do is focus on the bad. God knows it's tough to have a positive attitude all of the time but this book reminds you to always count your blessings and can put you in a better mood almost instantly.

So the moral of my story is that you never know what a person may be going through so never ever judge and always, always be kind. One of my favourite quotes says that "It's nice to be important but more important to be nice" and I truly believe that we all should live by these words a little more!!

Ashley x


  1. Really liked this article.well done on the blog it's great😊

  2. Amazing, was stuck to my bed and I'm just about to spring out x

  3. This is exactly how I suffer and currently been suffering. It's mental torture and I get so down about it. My breathing drives me insane and it's so hard to get my mind off it. Thanks for writing this Ashley :) xx Emilyillingworth @instagram