Saturday, 12 September 2015

Lashes on fleek!!!

It's no secret that us girls lust after beautifully long, full lashes but unfortunately the vast majority of us just aren't blessed with them. Sure, strip lashes can do the job just fine if it's for a night out on the town but the truth is that half of us don't even know how to apply the bloody things! Plus, who wants gorgeous eyelashes worthy of batting away for just a couple of hours anyways?

I've had semi-permenant lashes applied before and always found that they were just too damaging on my own lashes. I would be losing 2-3 of my natural lashes with every synthetic one and as a result I was left with virtually none of my own! I know that for a lot of girls this can be an issue and as a result has left you feeling apprehensive about ever having them applied again. This was also the case for me too, that is until I had my semi-permenant lashes done at Fabulosity Dame Street.

I couldn't believe the difference in getting my lashes done here, I didn't need refills for six whole weeks after having my first set applied!! Whenever I lost a lash it was very rare that any of my natural lashes would come out with it and in actual fact I felt my own lashes grew a great deal with them on!! Val caters for everybody too, so whether it's a dramatic full look you are after or a more natural looking set, she's got the skills along with quality lashes to give you the look that you desire.

Below is a before an after picture.To the left I've got eye shadow and liquid liner and mascara on my own natural lashes. To the right I simply have Fabulosity's lashes on and as you can see there's no need for any eye make-up to make my eyes pop!! The difference really is amazing don't you think?

Apart from the eyelashes not being harmful on your own and of course the fact that they are absolutely gorgeous on, I can't even begin to describe to you how lovely and bubbly Val is. If you haven't already paid her a visit you need to change that quickly. You won't regret it trust me!! I've been getting my lashes done with Val for months now and each time I go I fall in love with her work a little more!! With a full set costing only €40 there's really no other place that comes in close to Fabulosity Dame Street!! You can get in touch with Val through Instagram or Facebook.

After all, "eyes are the windows to the soul" so what better way than to have them framed by the best in the business!! 

You can thank me later,

Ashley x

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