Friday, 28 August 2015

Festival Fashion!!!

Okay, so let's be honest with one another! As much as we go to festivals for the music and memories we undoubtably also go for the chance to dress up as a boho babe for a couple of days. With the warmer months slowly creeping up on us again it's sure to say that festival season will be in full swing in no time. For that reason we'll all get the  chance to go wild with our wardrobe!! I know you don't need me to tell you twice to break out the bindis and braids!

Last Summer I headed to Forbidden Fruit for three days where I had the time of my life dressed in clothes not usually fit for your every day wear. I'm not ashamed to say I got overly excited about my outfit planning from the minute ticket master handed me over that golden ticket! And I'm pretty sure I can say I'm not the only one too! 

There's no doubt that there's fun in getting to play dress up with your friends to dance the night away. I mean, who doesn't love getting the chance to go wild with glitter and accessories?! Over the course of the the weekend I got to see some really amazing outfits. From heavy fringe to feathers and fedoras it really was a pleasure to see the unity of fashion and music come together for what can only be described as a magical weekend!

My three looks were a mixture of high street and vintage with a splash of creativity. Probably not the cleverest of choices with our Irish 'Summer' but hey, fashion doesn't have to have logic behind it, right?! For all you lucky souls heading off to festivals abroad this year, I urge you to step up your style game and make the most of getting to dress a little differently with out having to worry about freezing to death. I know I would!!

Here's some other festival looks you can take inspo from :)

Have fun guys!! 

Ashley x

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