Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Head over heels!!

So who'd have thought that the beloved sky scrapper platform would see it's day and be replaced by the sandal?! Long gone are the days of walking around on stilts, which really I think we should be thankful for. We've all at one stage or another had an embarrassing trip to the floor after a few vodkas while wearing a pair!! And let's face it it was never ideal to have to crouch down getting in a picture so you weren't towering over your man!! 

I myself, like so many others am obsessed with the latest trend of lace up and caged sandals. As a result I'm quickly running out of space to house all these strapping beauties that only ever get a debut on the dance floor every once in a while. 

Okay, True!! They may not be as comfortable as a platform heel but 'beauty is pain' after all and a strappy heel screams just that!! How many of you can agree that you feel instantly sexy and super stylish when you slip a pair on? For those reasons alone I know I can justify each and every pair that I add to my collection.

I adore a strappy heel just as much as Cinderella loves a glass one so I was thrilled when the simple 'barely there' evolved into the wrap up sandal which has had each and every one of us head over heels lately! It's no secret that they can ultimately transform any outfit in an instant! I guess that's why they'll continue to diminish our bank accounts and take over our closet space!! 

Happy shopping gals!!

Ashley x 

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