Wednesday, 25 November 2015

iWhite teeth whitening kit review!!

Pearly whites!! It's something that's on everybody's list of things they want in life, am I right? There's no better feeling than having a bright, white, Hollywood smile that could potentially blind a passer by when you open your mouth. Okay, I'm kidding!! You won't blind anybody but you will certainly catch their attention when they see your gleaming nashers! The older you get, the fonder you become of liquids that stain your teeth. Yes, I'm talking about those fabulous drinks called coffee and wine. Totally giving up these glorious beverages is a bit drastic for the sake of having white teeth so you don't need to worry about doing that, not now that iWhite teeth whitening kits are on the market!! 

I know that a persons teeth are the first thing I look at when I'm talking to someone and I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this either. Our teeth are something that are so incredibly important to us so they should be given extra special attention when it comes to keeping them clean and of course, keeping them sparkling white. I am guilty of eating foods that may discolour your teeth not to mention drinking both wine and coffee, so I was absolutely delighted when I came across the iWhite teeth whitening kit. I had heard endless reports on the brand and all opinions were that they were simply amazing, so of course I was beyond excited to start using my kit. For the duration of time when using the kit I tried to stay away from drinking too much tea or coffee but when I did I made sure to use a straw. That way I was limiting the chance of any further staining whilst trying to whiten my teeth. 

What I love about this brand is that everything is ready to go and so easy to use. You don't have to worry about how much gel or bleach you need to apply into the tray or about having to wash and dry moulds as they are disposable. All you have to do is pop them out of the packet and into your mouth. Simple as that!! After twenty minutes you can dispose of the trays you just used and give a light rinse over your teeth with cold water and VoilĂ  you are on the road to having a bright iWhite smile!! A kit includes 10 pre-filled trays which you can use as you like. You can either use one set to instantly whiten your teeth every so often or use them for five consecutive days, like I did, to achieve maximum results. I used my kit in conjunction with the iWhite whitening toothpaste to protect, maintain and whiten my smile every day.

The iWhite kit is completely safe to use and is not harmful on your teeth whatsoever!! iWhite not only strengthens your teeth but also removes stains and has been clinically proven to whiten teeth up to 8 shades whiter. What more could you want, right? You can purchase this teeth whitening kit in selected pharmacies or online at The teeth whitening kit retails at just €29.99 and the toothpaste is a bargain at €9.50 Perfect stocking fillers if you have been stuck for ideas over the Christmas!! I have tried different ways to whiten my teeth over the years but I've never been more satisfied with a product than this. I'm extremely happy with my smile and it's all down to iWhite!! You can thank me later guys!! 

Keep smiling!!

Ashley x 


  1. This is interesting. I have tried the strips before and they work ok but I never felt like I could really tell a big different. Maybe I should try one of the more specialized kits. I have had friends who did professional whitings and were very happy but these can be so incredibly expensive and that isn't what I want.

    Elfrieda Sevigny @ Simmonds Dental Center

  2. You can still tell they've made your teeth a lot whiter! I've been a bit hesitant due to sensitivity but maybe I'll have to get these gentler ones and give them a try! Buy Teeth Whitening Strips Online at an affordable range.