Monday, 23 January 2017

Lets talk lips!!

I think it's safe to say that Kylie Jenner is still to blame for all of us gals wanting super juicy lips. It was only a matter of time before the girl had to fess up to having a little surgical enhancement... Or maybe a lot!! For so long her sworn by secret was down to 'contouring' her lips with her secret weapon of choice, lip liner! Although she has had lip augmentation she wasn't lying when she said that by contouring your lips, you can make them appear bigger. Unlike Kylie (or me), some people won't go as far as to having any medical procedure's done to enhance their lips so it's down to the wonders of make up and the illusions that it can create to help them achieve that killer pout.

Yes, I'll throw my hands up and admit to having lip fillers and in fact I talk openly about doing so. As I mentioned previously, there are some people that just aren't brave enough to do the same. I'm definitely a huge fan of using liners and lip sticks to help give the appearance of fuller lips along side having fillers. I've got a couple of favourites that I constantly rotate between. They include some inexpensive brands as well as a few high end pricy labels too but I'm all about the budget brands lately!!

There must be a million and one shades of liners and of course we all want every one of them but with that being said we still need to watch our pennies so that we can invest in every other make up bag necessity that a girl just has to have in her life. My all time favourite brand has to be Mac but I recently discovered some other bargain brands that are pretty damn good and come without the hefty price tag too. At the moment, I'm absolutely loving lip liners from labels like Catrice, Flormar & Essence, all of which can be purchased from most pharmacies and Penney's stores. Penney's also have their very own PS. range of beauty products which are that cheap it would be utter madness to pass up a purchase. With their lip liners coming in at only €1.50 it's an impossible task to just pick up the one. Seriously, I'd like to see you try!!

I myself am a huge fan of nudes and browns on my lips and so I adore all of the shades available in the above brands I've mentioned. I love how I can mix most of my lip sticks with any of the liners to create a different look each time. Blankety by Mac and 404 matte nude by Inglot are my ultimate faves to wear with nude lip liners. You'll never not find these in my make-up bag. If you're going to splash out on a luxury liner I swear down by 'spice' or 'whirl' both by Mac cosmetics but until it's a 'treat yoself Tuesday' I would highly recommend the brown liner from the Ps. range in Penney's. I always carry at least three of these in my bag just in case of a make up emergency.

I'm frequently asked what colours I wear on my lips (see photo above) so now you've got the low down on what products I've been wearing to create the perfect nude lip. You won't have to break the bank either! YAAAAASSSS..! 

Ashley X 

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