Saturday, 11 March 2017

Bagots Hutton - My Favourite Hot Spot!!

Recently, I've been spending a lot of time eating and socialising in the newly renovated restaurant, Bagots Hutton. You might remember this little hot spot originally being situated on South William Street before they wisely decided to expand and turn up the notch by making a bold move and the right move at that! Their fantastic new and rather large space is now located on Ormonde Quay Upper so it's still super central and easy to find. If your looking for somewhere electric to be on the weekend, Bagots Hutton is your answer. 

I've been to this incredibly trendy spot on numerous occasions now from Saturday night drinks, to double dating, birthday dinner parties and even work events too. Each time I've spent an evening here it's been impossible to fault them on their food and service alike. I can't forget to mention the groovy vibe either, which really had me enthralled from the beginning. Inside, they've transformed the whole building into something special. The decor and artwork just fit perfectly giving a brilliant contrast of sophisticated and funky.

If you're a pizza lover (so basically anyone reading this) then it's essential that you try out a quality pizza here. Their passion for this dish is clearly visible from the effort they've put in when it comes to baking it. They wanted to really make eating a pizza here, an unforgettable experience and so they had a truly magnificent, wood fired Pavesi oven specially built in the kitchen. Without a doubt, you'll be able to taste the difference when you eat a pizza that has been baked in the most respected and trusted pizza ovens there is. I still can't get my head around the fact that it only takes only one minute to cook it to perfection. Crazy, I know!! 

I've tried pretty much everything on the menu and amongst my favourites has to be the Pressed Shoulder of Lamb and the Venison Ragu Pasta. Just absolute, mouth watering, goodness!! Make sure you finish off your meal with a refreshing Aperol spritz, it would be rude not to! Saturday evenings and Sunday brunch, Bagots Hutton is unquestionably the place to be. If you enjoy live jazz music you'll really be in for a treat! The guys have also now introduced live music from 8pm onwards every Thursday for their Dine & Dance set menu deal. They've also got some other really great specials on during the week including the Meaty Monday which would be an outright  sin to pass up.

In my eyes, Bagots Hutton is the new Hip n' Happening place to be (excuse the dad lingo) but it's true! I always look forward to spending an evening here with family or friends. From the day they opened their doors, it's insanely flourished and still continues to do so. Contagious good vibes and energy flows through Bagots Hutton so get your ass down here if it's a good time your after!! 

Buon apetito,

Ashley x 

Their website is still under construction at the moment so be sure to check out their social media platforms or email them at for any queries or Call: 01- 8788118 

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