Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Put down the phone. Take up a hobby.

I think everybody should find a hobby or pastime that they truly enjoy. Something they can fill their spare time with that doesn't involve scrolling for endless hours on a smart phone, refreshing the screen every other minute anticipating a new notification. (Yup, I'm guilty of this at times too) Whether it's reading, running or even collecting stamps (unlikely), find something that brings you a sense of joy and most of all, relaxation.

Two of my favourite books below. The Secret and the latest release of the series, 'How The Secret Changed My Life' - Must reads in my opinion!! 

Anything at all that has the power to make you refrain from taking a selfie with a dog filter, DO THAT!! ..... Woah, chill..!! I never said I don't do this, so yeah, I definitely need to practise more than I preach. I'm often guilty of seeing that weird indentation on my pinky finger from holding my phone so much. Anyone else's little finger starting to change form? Yikes!! That's when I know it's time to step away from the device and get busy doing something else. 

Everyone has different ways and methods to help them de-stress or chill out. When I'm feeling a little wound up I've got a collection of hobbies that I know will always bring me right back down to earth. Personally, I love to read, write, walk and my absolute favourite, sketch or paint. (If shopping is classified as a hobby, I think it's safe to say I can add that to the list too.) Some people love to dance themselves into oblivion while others like to hit a ball with a racket but remember, you don't necessarily have to be skilled in the pastime you choose. Once it works for you and once you enjoy it, then that's all that really matters. So even if you don't have a cupful of co-ordination and you wanna 'shake yo ass', you do just the very thing. 

I like many, sometimes feel like a slave to my phone so I love to break out the sketch pad or pick up a good book every now and again. This way, I'm not only relaxing but I'm also injecting some creativity and knowledge into my life in a way that's enjoyable for me. Even writing this piece now has my artistic juices flowing and is making me feel calm and content. There's definitely more to life than what the Kardashian clann's snapchat story has to offer so strongly consider taking up a hobby that suits you rather than sitting around glued to your screen. I can guarantee you'll feel pretty great!

Have a fab week lovelies.

Ashley X 

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