Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Nailed it!!

Since pretty much the beginning of time, (we'll say) girls have always taken pride in their appearance and having pristine fingernails definitely falls into that category. It's a little known fact that something as small as having your nails done can make you feel like a million dollars!! Well that certainly is the case if you have your nails done by the amazing girls at Polly's Parlour! I know I always count down the days until my next visit with these lovely ladies!! 

Famous for their Ombré French tip nails, has left every girl in Dublin longing for a very sought after appointment with the talented nail technicians. Specialising in acrylic and shellac nails are not the only services they offer you'll be glad to know, especially if you've got any little ones!! Polly offers a full pamper package for your little princesses which in my opinion is the perfect day out for a birthday party.

Polly herself has an incredible 12 years experience in what she does so you know you're in safe hands with her. She's got such an amazing selection of colours to chose from that you'll probably need to use the 'phone a friend' life line to help you decide which shade to go for and if you think her collection of colours is amazing, like a I do, you'll be blown away with her Swarovski diamond collection too! 

I always look forward to a trip at Polly's as I know I'll leave her parlour with not only fabulous nails but a wide smile on my face too! Her warm welcome always makes me feel so comfortable and at ease. Not only are the girls super quick but they are extremely friendly so don't worry about those awkward silences when you have no hands free to flick through your phone. Polly's Parlour is located in finglas village so luckily you don't have to go to the end of the earth to have beautiful nails. 

I am already counting down the days until I have my next appointment with Polly so I can feel like a million dollars again!! Make sure you visit her social media sites for some inspiration and more info!

Instagram: @pollydollies
Facebook: Pretty Pollys Parlour 

Ashley x 

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