Saturday, 13 February 2016

My experience in the David Marshall Hair Salon!!

A couple of weeks back, in dyer need of some tlc with my colour, I paid a visit to the well renowned hair salon, David Marshall on Fade Street. The moment I walked into the salon I was greeted with warm welcomes and huge smiles. Every staff member in the shop, including David himself, were so attentive and really made my visit one to remember. Whether it was a hot tea to heat me up or a cheeky glass of wine, they made sure I was well looked after.

I was booked in with their colour specialist Garreth, who with having over ten years experience working with colour, worked his magic on my hair. I was told that I was going to be in safe hands with Garreth and I can honestly say they weren't lying. I myself, have always been so fussy with who I let touch my hair, especially with being a blonde but two minutes into my consultation with him any doubts I had completely disappeared. I could really tell he knew what he was talking about and I couldn't wait to get started.

Garreth done such a fantastic job and I was so incredibly pleased with the finished result! I can't stress enough how fussy I am when it comes to my hair and who I let touch it so it was a big deal for me how happy I was with my hair. I had a full head of blonde highlights and decided to opt out of having my usual low light after chatting with Garreth. Afterwards He used a P01 toner to give my hair that silver/ash look which I love so much. 

Usually when you're spending a couple of hours in a salon you can become restless and tired but when you've got your back being massaged by comfy recliners and such pleasant staff attending to you, it's hard to feel that way. The salon it's self is absolutely beautiful and I think anyone would agree with me on that so if you're looking to 'treat yo self' any time soon, I would highly recommend your day being spent in here. 

From the moment I stepped into the salon to the moment I was handed my coat, was all a such a fabulous experience. I felt as though the standard of professionalism and sheer talent excelled my expectations and that's why I'm already so excited for my next visit to the David Marshall salon. If you pay a trip to the in for yourself, I know you'll be thanking me for it later!! 

Ashley x 


  1. Hi Ashley! Girl your hair is looking bomb! Gorgeous as ever!

  2. It is quite stressful when you have to worry about whether your hair is in good hands or not. However, your results are absolutely stunning. I am loving the color Garreth helped you choose. It looks gorgeous with your complexion. He really proved to be a phenomenal color specialist who knows how to treat his clients the right way.

    Robyn Wagner @ Alternatives Beauty Studio